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Dreaming Orchid: Poetry & Jazz Piano

Dreaming Orchid: Poetry & Jazz Piano
Released, June 2016.

Spoken word poetry coupled with enchanting
Jazz Piano. Sultry, profound, comical, quick-witted poems from
Mong-Lan’s book, One Thousand Minds Brimming: poetry & art,
and Tango, Tangoing: poetry & art.
(20 tracks, 53 mins.)

Mong-Lan, writer, former Stegner Fellow at Stanford Univ, Fulbright Scholar, has published six books of poetry & artwork, two chapbooks, has won prizes such as the Juniper Prize and the Pushcart Prize. Poems have been included in numerous anthologies such as Best American Poetry Anthology. She has finished a novel, with an excerpt currently in the North American Review.

Mong-Lan plays the piano and guitar, sings in five languages, and also writes songs. Her nine albums of jazz piano and tangos also showcase her poetry.

As a visual artist, Mong-Lan has had her paintings and photographs exhibited in museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art and galleries in the U.S., and in public exhibitions in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and Buenos Aires.

Mong-Lan as a dancer has studied ballet, jazz and flamenco, and has specialized as a tango dancer, performer, and teacher, having twenty years of tango dance experience, in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hanoi, and elsewhere.

Mong-Lan's new solo show, Ocean of Senses: Dream Songs & Tangos, blends original poetry, jazz piano, guitar, dance, story and song. Watch the trailer here.

Mong-Lan's River of Senses






One Thousand Minds Brimming: poems & art

ISBN-10: 0982822723
ISBN-13: 978-0-9828227-2-2
Pub date: September 2014
155 pages, 42 illustrations by the artist / poet
Valiant Press


One Thousand Minds Brimming

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In Mong-Lan's collection of poems, One Thousand Minds Brimming: poems & art, desire, love and mayhem lay bare reality’s vicissitudes. Mong-Lan’s observations about personal history and past wars in Vietnam and Cambodia are poignant, indeed heartbreaking. These poems defy gravity and darkness, and emerge undiminished; more so, like diamonds. They illuminate the spirit, and dissect the human heart with grace, humor and clarity. Mong-Lan's artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States and in public exhibitions in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Seoul and Bali.

". . . A true original, unafraid of sentiment and at the height of her artistic prowess, Mong-Lan’s new book proves she remains one of our leading poets.”—Ravi Shankar, editor of Drunken Boat.

“Mong-Lan’s poems are fresh and real as a street, full of the seriousness of pleasure. She has the same sense of joy that Kenneth Koch loved in the courage to sing, happiness of St.-John Perse. . . . I praise these poems of praise which collapse distance and makes us feel, as O’Hara seemed to say, poetry is just a telephone call away.”—David Shapiro, poet & professor.

"Mong-Lan's writing is crisp, vivid, lucid, worldly, sexy and smart. I admire both the brushwork and the very effective use of space on the page as a visual and musical element. . . .”—Stephen Kessler, poet & translator.

A poetry recital performance with jazz piano, at Kaboom Books, Houston, 2016.

Mong-Lan gives a reading with her music at the Univ. of New Orleans, Nov. 2014. (Excerpt).


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 Background drawing of the Mekong river, in Vinh Long, Vietnam, by Mong-Lan, 1996.

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