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During the early '90s, I painted these life-size acrylic paintings below.  The paintings are somewhat abstract, dealing with the natural world, the skies, trees and ocean, forms both geometric and organic, movement and memory.  I was also influenced by the European cathedrals I visited, especially in France,-- walking inside them and being moved by the stained glass, to see what light flowed through.

I started these paintings when I was living in Houston during the early 90's and continued them when I moved to San Francisco in 1993.  I had this idea of building these frames that jutted out from the paintings, like painful appendages of oneself.  It was an impractical idea, in the end, because it was indeed painful to transport them. 

There are eleven paintings in the section.  Please click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture. 



Mong-Lan, "Crying Birds, Fumbling Falcons, and Other Things," 1994, 67" x 72", acrylic on canvas, wood, stain.


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