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Hanoi, Vietnam



Photos by Mong-Lan. 

While on a Fulbright Grant in Vietnam in 2003, I spent time in Hanoi, writing and taking many photos.  I was struck by the austerity of the Northerners, their strong characters evinced in their strong Northern accent. Hanoi was formerly called Thang Long, the city of lakes, and indeed, there are many lakes here.

Here are just a few of the photos I took. 


Boys playing near Ho Hoan Kiem


Please click on thumbnail to see enlargement.


Temple at Ho Hoan Kiem




Bridge at Ho Hoan


View of Ha Noi

View of Ho Hoan Kiem



Temple of Literature, Van Mieu


Entrance to Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature,

Van Mieu

Ho Hoan Kiem










Boys & Firecrackers




Opera House







Water lilies


After Tet, Cherry Blossoms

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

West Lake


West Lake at Dusk



Streetside Meal during Tet

Ho Hoan Kiem at Night

Flower Peddler

Temple with old Vietnamese character writing,

Chu Nom


Temple Altar

Water Puppets

Chua Mot Cot Altar

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