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     behind the image, the imagination






Selections from Mong-Lan's watercolors.


"Rose 1," 15" x 20."



I painted these watercolors while living in San Francisco and Tokyo.  Living in Japan, a country whose language I could not read or understand was jarring and disorienting at first. I began painting in forms whose meaning I did not understand.  I began to be comfortable in being at a loss.  I let my unconscious take over. 


The absolute freedom that watercolors afford uplifts me.  Color, unbridled color, carries emotion diligently and adroitly.  Water, like a strong buffalo, carries the unconscious on it.  From water, the world emerges.  From water, land rises and is made greener.  Water breathes.  Color gives us our humanity.  When painting, I let the medium take over and am submerged in its own thinking.

                             Mong-Lan, Oct 2004.



"Green & Red Rain"

12" x 16"



12" x 16"


15" x 20"



15" x 20"



15" x 20"


"Sun in Blue"

15" x 20"


"Blues Rain", 12" x 16"


"Tulips 1"

12" x 16"



"Tokyo Heights", 12" x 16"


"Red Sun"

15" x 20"





"Rose 2", 15" x 20"


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